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The Workshop

This workshop intends to discuss the social, economic, physical and architectural issues of the contemporary primary school in Ireland. Working from a specific school in Tallaght, Dublin, with a specific population of children of 41 differing nationalities, a real client body and an engaging local community, the workshop will aim to make highly specific proposals for a new primary school for Tallaght. The school will provide for over 550 pupils and staff. By addressing the particularities of this school and its situation, the workshop aims to extend its considerations and positions from the specific out, in order to contribute to the much wider debate on the role of architecture in the provision of Irish schools.

Participants in the workshop are not necessarily expected to produce complete designs for a primary school. Instead it is hoped that each team will have a minimum of three pieces of work loosely outlined above for display and exhibition purposes – both as part of the now what? exhibition, but in wider public fora also. The work should allow a wider discussion on approaches to school design. Work should be specific and precise in its intentions and ambitions, but open and provocative in its outcome and manifestations.

It is intended that some work will be selected for further development and for exhibition / publication. Funding has been secured to support this intention.

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