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Sponsorship + prizes

August 11, 2009

We are delighted to announce that Roankabin have come aboard as sponsors for this stage of the workshop. They have provided us with the following prizes for the workshop.

  • A three month [minimum] fully salaried [pro-rata] position for  an architect in their architectural research section
  • A prize fund of €1,500, a minimum of €500 of which will be given out at this stage as prizes with a maximum of €1,000 being awarded to participants to assist further development of the work during the Autumn.

We would like to thank Roankabin for their support and we look forward to our continued collaboration with this company!

Combined with other possible financial support, we are hopeful that some of the ideas that emerge from this workshop might be developed in further detail in time for the exhibition and publication of the NOW WHAT? workshops in Autumn.


Submission Requirements

August 10, 2009

Learning Space Competition Submission Requirements:

Submissions should consist of:
2 x A2 physical sheets (bearing no names or insignias)
1 x physical model
1 x A4 sheet, in a sealed envelope. This sheet should contain a brief written explanation of the project.
Any text on the drawing sheets should be absolutely minimal, and should be formatted in 13pt Helvetica or Arial.

Entries must be submitted before 3pm, Friday August 14th 2009 (to the office, School of Architecture, Richview)
Each entry should be labelled on the back only with a random 2letter+3digit code of your choosing (for example GY753) which should also be written onto a separate sheet with your name and contact details, and submitted within the sealed envelope.

Any questions please email us at learningspaceworkshop [at]

Good luck!

Sponsorship news!

August 4, 2009

Details of our prizes and sponsorship will be annouced at the beginning of the workshop meeting today. We are delighted with the level of commitment we have from our new sponsor!

Today’s meeting

August 4, 2009

Today’s workshop meeting will be this afternoon in the Red Room. Donaghy+Dimond architects will present their primary school projects and Stephen Tierney of The Interior Prospect workshop and blog will also talk about making images that clearly represent idea and intention – a critical component of the presentation requirements of the workshop! See you there.

Sponsorship news!

July 31, 2009

News of significant sponsorship for the Learning_Space workshop will be released later today! Stay tuned!

NOW WHAT : Public Conversation no 2 – tomorrow!

July 28, 2009

Remember the second Public Conversation of the Now What? series is on tomorrow. It starts at 12.45 in UCD Architecture, Richview, Clonskeagh. Full details here!

White School

July 27, 2009


Michael Maltzan has designed a snow-white art campus in the urban hell of Skid Row in Los Angeles. Ilaria Mazzoleni explains how philanthropy and architecture are trying to save this city. Edited by Fabrizio Gallanti

Hidden Jewel: a White Pearl in Downtown Los Angeles
di Ilaria Mazzoleni

Set into the monumental skyline of downtown Los Angeles in a notoriously run-down area of low-rise buildings, wholesale warehouses and seedy hotels, there glistens a beautiful white pearl: the Inner-City Arts campus designed by Californian-based architect Michael Maltzan. It is not just a building, but rather a small campus that houses art-instruction facilities for kids, created with the express wish of a group of philanthropists who wanted to show that architecture isn’t just a matter of building workaday spaces, but it can also stimulate creativity and draw people closer to art. The ICA brings a sense of surprise. It also kindles enthusiastic belief in architecture’s power to make a difference: situated on a one-acre lot on the edge of downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row, its large white volume has folded back corners and protuberances that make passers-by curious, encouraging them to stop, look more closely, go inside and, with a surprising sense of discovery, wander between its building canyons as far as the planted central courtyard.

Original article from ARBITARE, posted by Valentina Ciuffi